Brooklyn-san vs. Snacks: Part 2

Today, I want to introduce a new snack to you guys, Jagariko: salad. I normally don’t choose this flavor while roaming around the snack aisle of any store, but for the snacks sake, here we are. With it’s mossy green box color, it’s hard to miss if you visit any convenience stores in Japan, and […]

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Brooklyn-san vs snacks: Mochi chocolate bread and Jalepeño & Onion Pringles

I decided to start a blog about all the snacks I buy in the land of the rising sun! They are so different from American snacks in many ways and some brands from America even have exclusive flavors only found in Japan. Lets’s eat! (食べましょう!) 今日,日本のスナックブログを始めることにしました。日本のスナックはアメリカからとても違うので、読んでみてください。 Mochi chocolate bread At first glance, this may seem […]

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Brooklyn-san vs Snacks #1

Hello, everyone. Because there were already YouTubers and companies with similar names as my original name for my snack column, I decided to change it. Today, I will be introducing one of my favorite snacks in Japan, Jagariko:Cheese(じゃがりこチーズ). This has been one of my go to snacks for about two years. Not only is it […]

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Shocker: Attendance in Japan

  Today, I was sitting at my desk while studying my favorite part of the Japanese language, kanji as it has become routine now, when all of a sudden I feel a presence standing behind me. To my surprise it was one of the JTEs (Japanese Teacher of English) with a huge task for me. […]

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